Flickr Type and Typography: на любой вкус
Typographical Happenstance
Accidental typography. Found type.

Typography and Lettering
Letters made my machine or man.

Found Type
This is a collection of typography found in everyday life: signs, signage, hand-lettered signs, anything that inspires you.

TypeCon 2007
For type geeks only! This group is for people who've been to TypeCon, are planning to attend TypeCon, or just plain love fonts and lettering.

Typo Designs
This group is for anybody with own interesting Font and typo design. anything is possible. ABCs, logos, texts and so on.

Gill Sans
Материалы посвящаются шрифту Эрика Гилла.

Vintage metal emblem or logo, not only those on automobiles.

Wood Type
There are several groups on flickr devoted to type and typography, but there is none devoted solely to wood type.
Typography and letters. From minimise to maximise.

All about calligraphy and its feature.
Finalized works or not are welcome.

For anyone obsessed with typography.

International Typographic Style
The International Typographic Style, also known as the Swiss Style, is a graphic design style developed in Switzerland in the 1950s that emphasizes cleanliness, readability and objectivity.

Typographic Inspiration
Share your images and photos of typography. Hoping this will become a great resource and a place of typographic inspiration.

Type Specimen
Type Specimens of old or new typefaces. Scans from old hot metal specimens. Sketches of typeface designs. And so on.
Your Typography
This group welcomes your original typo works.

Typophile Flickr Pool
Typophile launched in 2000 and is a free and open typographic community of type designers, graphic designers and creative professionals.

Experimental Typography
Experiments with hand-rendered typography. Distorted and reworked type, creative type-design, explorations in composition and spacing, found type...

Pictograms and Public Space Typography
Pictograms and public space typography. A collection to explore the existing visual standards and their "home made" adaptations. We are looking for signs and symbols from public spaces, like airports, railway stations, stadiums etc.
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