Ампериск: шрифт составленный из 11 проектов слушателей курса | Amperisk:
is a font consisting of 11 typefaces from the graduates of T&T 2010

Идея и воплощение: Алексей Ваняшин | idea & production: Alexey Vanyashin

released under SIL Open Font License (OFL)

About the course:

The course "Type and Typography" is made especially for practicing designers to improve their skills in communication design and for those who are really willing to higher their professional skills in type and typography.

This unique course doesn't have anything in common in Russian practice. There was no type education In Russian culture before. Type education was always a part of education, but never as a main one.

The course will help students to find themselves in modern Type culture, extend in type history, to get calligraphy skills, to practice in modern production technologies and so on.

The duration of the course is two semesters, 16 working hours per week.

To whom it may concern
This one year course is made especially to improve the practical skills of the students. As a final result each student has to show his diploma, which is both theoretical research and production of new type/typefamily.

Type&Typography is:
1. Theory
a) Type History
b) Modern Typography
c) Type and Typography from different points of view
d) Personal experiences by well-known Russian designers
e) Type licensing, type copyrighting, type as a business
f) Personal talks

2. Practice
a) Calligraphy (classical and eastern)
b) Modern type production technologies
c) Type and programming
d) Practicing of production type families